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Grab those titties

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Here’s a pic for you guys of me squeezing southern brooks giant tits.  If you couldn’t tell from the picture I was enjoying every second of it.  A matter of fact I should call her, I want those tits back in my mouth.

What’s better than playing with anouther girls awesome tits? Having a girl play with mine.  Oh Ava Knight you made me a happy woman that day.

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Ava Knight

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Hey! I know how you all love the pictures of Ava Knight and I, so Im sharing some video caps of us. This was one of our first videos together. As you can see Im wearing a hot pink pimp robe!! Naked underneath of course… Ava wore a white fuzzy robe but I got that off right away :D


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By the pool

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Ava Knight and I are so sexy with our shades chilling in the sun. Babes in bikinis what more could you ask for?? For us to take our bikinis off and makeout?? Ok!!

 This is one of my personal favorites because it was mine and Ava’s first time :) We had been shooting  some video before hand but this was our first picture set. As you can see we got to know each other rather fast!! winkwink. For those of you who have seen the videos you really know hehe. Oh, and to give you something else to think about there was people all around us when we were shooting!! Ah yes we love a crowd.

xoxo, Natalie

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